Workshop 6. Measuring employment-related outcomes of development interventions: Employment impact assessment


Trainer: Drew Gardiner and Jean Francois Klein
Level: Beginner/ Intermediate
Language: English

Workshop description:

Measuring outcomes associated with employment and labour market programmes and policy involves multidimensional concepts and methods to capture both the quality and quantity of jobs. Organizations often struggle to effectively measure employment outcomes due to a lack of common definitions and approaches which can cause bias and imprecision in collected data.

The ILO developed key indicators in the labour market as well as guidance for country operations to measurement jobs related outcomes. It also developed the “Measuring Decent Jobs for Youth” handbook which provides instructions for how and what to measure when it comes to youth employment.
This workshop is based on methodologies, tools, and approaches developed by the ILO and its partners to forecast job creation and evaluate outcomes. It will impart lessons and advice to participants on measuring employment outcomes for different groups like women, youth, and the informal sector by giving an overview of the key tools and guidance material on Employment impact assessment. The format of the course is learner-centered and highly participatory. Different learning techniques will be applied in order to facilitate the collaborative construction of knowledge and experience sharing among participants. The programme will combine interactive presentations by subject-matter specialists, real country cases, debates, and group exercises.

This course will be of particular interest to:

  • Government officials involved in the evaluation of policies, programmes and projects impacting employment, in particular, the staff of ministries of, economy, planning, labour, and employment;
  • Staff of international organizations, regional development banks, and bilateral donor agencies that design or evaluate programs impacting employment.

Learning outcomes:

Upon successfully completing this course, participants will:

  • Have improved or updated their comprehension of concepts and methods to assess the effects on employment associated with different types of interventions;
  • Be able to develop a theory of change and select indicators to measure job-related outcomes and impact; and
  • Identify the most suitable method to assess a given type of employment promotion intervention.