Reference Materials

Part 1. Introduction and Conceptual Background 1. Introduction: Evaluating Contributions to National Results in Environment and Development Juha I. Uitto 2. A Global Public Goods Perspective on Environment and Poverty Rob D. van den Berg 3. Evaluatio... Read more..
Human Development Indices and Indicators: 2018 Statistical update is being released to ensure consistency in reporting on key human development indices and statistics. It includes an analysis of the state of human development—snapshots of current c... Read more..
Topics : Inequality trends and their interaction with poverty and growth
The basic premise of this book is that the conversation on the future of development needs to shift from a focus on poverty to that of inequality. The poverty emphasis is in an intellectual and political cul de sac. It does not address the fundamenta... Read more..
This authoritative book presents the ever progressing state of the art in evaluating climate change strategies and action. It builds upon a selection of relevant and practical papers and presentations given at the 2nd International Conference on Eval... Read more..
Written by a team of expert practitioners at the Independent Office of Evaluation of IFAD, this book gives an overview of evaluation practice at IFAD.It looks at how evaluation practice has evolved to reflect, respond to and inform changing expec... Read more..
Topics : Evaluation for sustainable development , Evaluations of Inclusive Development , Evolution of the Independent Evaluation function at IFAD , Inequality trends and their interaction with poverty and growth , Influential Evaluations , Partnership in evaluation